Massage Therapy Services at
Hilton Head Dental Spa

By Lydia Hawley, LMT

Pamper yourself at the Hilton Head Dental Spa with our full menu of spa services by Lydia Hawley, a licensed massage therapist.

Therapeutic Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
The Gillespie Approach
Foot Reflexology

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Therapeutic Massage

Whether your goal is to relieve muscle tension or just relax or both - therapeutic massage can help headaches, TMJ, Sciatica, & much more. Regular massage can has been shown to reduce stress, increase mobility and circulation, & prevent injury. An hour session is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.
  • 30 minutes $90
  • 60 minutes $150
  • 90 minutes $175

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This light touch massage is specific to helping your lymphatic system to function better. Encourage this intricate system to maximize your immunity, help your cells to breathe, improve nourishment uptake, reduce swelling, & detox. Great for anyone who wants to help their overall health.
  • 60 minutes $175

The Gillespie Approach

The Gillespie Approach was developed by Dr Barry Gillespie - a Craniosacral Fascial therapy that involves the release of soft tissue (fascia), reducing the pressure on other body structures (blood, lymph, nerve, bone). Also called the "great loosener" as it unwinds the fascia, relieving unresolved deep tension. If fascial tension goes unaddressed it compounds overtime leading to unexplained issues. Works well on it's own or in addition to massage. For this you stay fully clothed.
  • 40 minutes $150


Activate your own healing energy (life-force) through the little-to-no touch technique of Reiki. If your life force is low then you are more likely to feel stress or get sick. Reiki is extremely relaxing, calming, can help you recover faster from surgery, align your chakras, & clear your aura. Sometimes if we feel stuck in life - an energy shift will help you get out of that plateau. It includes an Oracle card reading too.
  • 60minutes $150

Foot Reflexology

Around for centuries, foot reflexology is the idea that you have pressure points (reflexes) in the bottoms of your feet that correlate to other areas of your body. By stimulating the reflexes you help to encourage circulation & reduce stress in those areas. This is also a great therapy for those on their feet all the time.
  • 40 minutes $125

Special Massage Package 

  • Buy 3 Sessions and Get the 4th Half Off 

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